Shane Guy

My Holistic Journey~Being and Becoming a Self Made Creative Entrepreneur against all odds

The Only thing you can really control is how you react to things out of your control.-Bassam Tarazi

My life is Spiritual Warrior Training…

Every day my Faith is tested

as Spirit urges me to let go and trust even more…

Stop searching for answers

Just Listen.

Be even more patient

Maintain total acceptance.

All the forces beyond my control

do not move in my timing

But all is in Divine Flow.

My life is about Faith

It doesn’t make sense

from the outside looking in,

But my Spirit is Rooted.

I trust the Goddess within

Mantras~Sacred Surrender

Total Acceptance

All is Intentional

This too shall pass

Let it be


Be Still and Know

All is well.

Daily Yoga-Breathe, Trust, Let go



Shane Guy

Shane Guy

Spiritual Warrior, Urban Gypsy~Exploring, Creating, Healing, Empowering ~Spirit, Mind, Body & Soul (IG@total_wellness_with_shane)