The Path Forward: Envisioning Social Change

A Spiritual Approach to Social Transformation

Life Foundations: Everything starts with self, everything starts from within

Returning to Natural order vs. problem solving

Being Heart centered, action based vs. mind dominated, politically driven

Embodied Consciousness-Inner Journey

Self Transformation is the only way to bring sustainable change. Inner transformation is the path to outer change. This approach is vital for all of us to remember because we as individuals (specifically those of us who do not have any form of institutional power) cannot change or control the outside world. Trying to solve socio-political issues from the outside in only invites confusion, frustration, and rage as we are left only with problems that seem to have no tangible solutions.

The challenge: Living in a Desacralized society

Religion and institutionalized education have failed in creating a path of harmonic balance, justice, and equality. Modern society is ruled by the socio-political world which lacks commitment to embodying moral values. Being spiritually driven, embodying one’s inner value system, is the natural way of being among all Indigenous traditions. What we need now to produce social transformation are foundations for inner development. First, discovering who we are beyond physical/social/political level (who society tells us to be).

The inner journey is about asking the bigger questions,

Who am I? What do I stand for?

Living Consciously

Our consciousness is demonstrated by the way we treat others and the way we engage in the world. These behaviors are ruled by our inner thoughts, belief and value systems. For spiritual growth, there must be a process of inner purification (balancing mind, will, and emotions) to maintain an energy of love, joy, peace as a constant state of being.

Sacred Intentions: What is my inner value system?

Love, joy, peace, balance, harmony, truth, justice

It Starts Within: Self Determination

Start by taking control of your inner self, leading into positive changes in outer life.

Self Determination: What are the things I can control?

What is within my control is my inner experience. I can always choose how I respond to my environment and external situations.

There are infinite things beyond my control externally, but there are also infinite things within my control internally.


I choose joy, peace and love despite all reasons to live in fear, doubt, anger, and bitterness. This conscious decision is how I claim my personal power. I am in control of me, the external world does not control me and cannot enslave me.

I cannot single handedly end capitalism and global oppression, but I can live consciously in the way I live-how I invest my time, money, and energy.

Making conscious intentions to support and empower my brothers and sisters.

Buying locally, not buying things I don’t need

Doing my part to care for the environment-recycling, reducing plastic and waste, reusing.

If we ALL put these simple actions into practice every day, there is no doubt that the world would echo these positive changes.



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